Scene at Woldia UniverstyFour students have been killed and more than 20 students were injured in Woldia University, located in the outskirts of Woldia town, 120km north of Dessie, today when the Special Forces, Agazi Commandos stormed the campus and started firing at students who were protesting the death of a student fatally shot in Adigrat University singled out for his ethnicity, according to various sources.

University staff speaking on condition of anonymity said that the Special Forces rampaged through the campus, fired into crowds and beat students with wooden batons. The protest and gathering started yesterday afternoon and ended quietly towards the evening yet reignited early in the morning today, many students chanting, marching and confrontations with campus guards, according university staff.  When the Agazi Commandos arrived, students were beaten as they ran for cover. After the raid, the dormitories were splattered with pools of blood, broken batons and shattered glass. The Woldia town hospital is crowded with injured students and some of the wounded students are sent to private health centres, the Deutsch Welle Amharic wrote citing residents of the town. The Archbishop of Wollo Abune Ermias came on person to the university compound to mediate the standoff between Special Forces and student demonstrators, according to DW.